Safety Policy

We take our business seriously, ethically and operating within a range of policies designed to promote health and safety, equal opportunities and a responsible approach to the environment.

Below you can read our operating policies in full; these are distributed to all our employees and clients upon request. We are committed to continually reviewing and improving these policies as and when required to ensure the best possible compliance with legal regulations and best practice.

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

1.1 21st Century Lifts Limited recognises and accepts responsibility as an employer for providing, so far as is reasonably practicable, a safe and healthy work place and working environment for all its employees and visitors.

1.2 The Company will take all reasonably practical steps within its power to meet this responsibility, paying particular attention to; - Section 2 (2) Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all subsequent legislation from it.
(i) The provision and maintenance of plant, equipment and conditions of work that are, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risk to health.
(ii) Arrangements for the use, handling, storage, disposal and transport of articles and substances which are, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risk to health.
(iii) The provision of sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision to enable all employees to avoid hazards and contribute positively to their own safety and health at work, so far as is reasonably practicable.
(iv) The provision for a place of work and access to it and egress from it which are, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe without risk to health.
(v) The provision and maintenance of a working environment which is, so far as is reasonably practicable, safe and without risk to health and adequate as regards the facilities and arrangements for the welfare of employees at work.

Equal Opportunities

1.3 The Company reminds all its employees of their own duties under Section 7 of the Health and Safety at Work Act, to take care of their own health and safety and that of other persons who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work, and to co-operate with the Company so as to enable it to carry out its own responsibilities successfully.
1.4 Staff using substances in the course of their work are required to use handle and store them as prescribed by the rules.
1.5 A copy of this statement will be issued to all employees. It will be reviewed, added to, or modified from time to time and may be supplemented in appropriate cases by further statements relating to the work of particular departments or groups of workers.

Equal Opportunities Policy; Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and 1986 and Race Relations Act 1976
The above Acts address the issue of discrimination and makes it unlawful to either directly or indirectly discriminate in the area of employment on the basis of race, sex or marital status as follows:-
i) Direct Discrimination; Treating a person less favourably than another would be treated in the same circumstances because of their race, sex or marital status.
21st Century Lifts Limited is an equally opportunity employer, and aims to ensure that no job applicant or employee will receive less favourable treatment on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origins, sexuality, disability or marital status.
Where the law does not prescribe, every effort will be made to avoid discrimination on the grounds of religion, political belief, social economic background, parental status, and age (subject to normal retirement conventions).
21st Century Lifts Limited will operate selection and promotion criteria and procedures which are designed to ensure that individuals are selected, promoted, trained and treated on the basis of the job requirements and their relevant aptitudes, skills and abilities.